Take control of your healthcare admin

The GesondheetsApp lets you book appointments,
share documents and enjoy speedy reimbursement –
all from your phone.

No more paperwork
Pay and get paid, faster
Simple and secure

No more healthcare paperwork

DHN is a free digital solution to improve the lives of everyone living and working in Luxembourg.

It connects doctors and patients with public and private insurers and other healthcare professionals.

It’s a modern approach to healthcare administration that puts you in control at the tap of a finger.

If your doctor has not signed up for DHN, they will not be able to offer you the option of speedy reimbursement.

Please let them know that you want to go paperless with digital administration.



Speedy reimbursement

Invoices can be automatically shared with your
public insurer and reimbursed within days.
No more posting paper invoices!



Book appointments

See your doctor’s availability to book
and edit appointments via the app.